GP Client for JavaScript v1.3.0 released

It’s time for a refresh on the Globalization Pipeline Node.js client. I’ve just released v1.3.0 of this SDK. You can update your package.json the usual way, with npm install --save g11n-pipeline

npm version

I managed to close about 13 issues since v1.2.x


I was able to increase function coverage to 100% thanks to the VSCode coverage plugin, and increase line coverage to 91%. Of course, when you test, you find bugs. Bugs such as realizing that updateResourceStrings() was unusable because there was no way to pass the languageId parameter.


First of all, I synchronized the client with the latest current REST API. So take a peek at the docs again and see if there are any new features or fields.

I also tried to add some convenience functions. For example, getting the full list of language IDs supported used to require concatenating the source and target lists. Now, with #40 you can call .languages() on the Bundle object and it will build this list for you. There is also a bundle.entries() accessor as of #14 which returns ResourceEntry objects.

Speaking of convenience, most places where you used to call .someFunction({}, function callback(…){}); the {} are optional. If it worked with {} before, it's now optional.

The sample PR where I updated the sample code shows some of the code improvements.

There are more features to add here, but I hope you like the changes in v1.3.0!