40th Internationalization and Unicode Conference

I'll start, and could almost end, my post with this tweet:

Yes, that exactly. November 1-3, 2016 was the 40th Unicode conference. They used to be twice a year, in multiple locations, as in, outside of Santa Clara, California, USA.

Now that the conference is over, I’ll have to take some time to view slides from all of the other great presentations I missed while giving a personal record number of talks (long story), apart from the lightning talks which were apparently not recorded.

The conference, and Unicode in general, is about people. It is always great to see so many folks I've kept up with over the years… including of course my fellow IBMers from many time zones away.

Off the top of my head, the important technical (besides personal) conversations I've had include:

Next week : IBM is hosting UTC 149 !